Watch our new film on improving district level health systems in Uganda!

Friday, 06 Nov 2015

This short video provides interesting insights into the process that the PERFORM team followed in Uganda and how stakeholders at the district level engaged, and were impacted, by the action research.

"Our eyes got opened, as a district maybe we had not fully focussed on ensuring our staff, or the health workers, performed to their maximum." says John Balidawa of Jinja District Health Management Team. 

Dr Peter Dyogo Nantumu, of Jinja District Health Office said of the process, "PERFORM empowered the teams to be able to analyse where they are, define the direction that they wanted their districts to take, and along the way they devised solutions."

The process has led to positive outcomes. John Balidawa states that team work in the district has improved and this will be sustained. Dr Bayamukama Agaba the Medical Officer for Luwero Health Centre IV explained that prior to PERFORM, "About 30% of staff would be appraised, or less, but as of now annual staff appraisal is at 90-95%, to me that is very great, and that informs the leadership."