Just launched! New handbook on conducting action research with District Health Management Teams

Monday, 26 Oct 2015

By Kate Hawkins

We're delighted that PERFORM has published a new handbook on conducting action research with District Health Management Teams. This handbook is intended for healthcare researchers who work on strengthening health systems in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) and who are working with, or aim to work with, district health management teams within the public health system to strengthen workforce performance. The handbook will also be useful to research managers within a Ministry of Health or regional or district healthcare departments. 

The handbook is concerned with the workforce of a health system. Chapters provide detailed guidance on how to design and use action research in healthcare settings to create positive change in workforce management and objectively measure the scale of that change. It is assumed that readers will have a basic grounding in research.

The practical experience of designing and using action research in PERFORM is included in boxes, highlighting project need, the options considered and choices made. As often as not, the research did not go as planned and how project researchers and participants handled those changes is explored.

This handbook is intended as a guide, not a protocol that must be read in a linear fashion. Each chapter explores an aspect of design and implementation. All tools referred to in the handbook are included in appendices. The reader can click on the 'return to contents page' button at the bottom of each page to access the appendices without scrolling through the handbook. The tools included are intended as a sample only and should always be adapted to local contexts.

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