Tweeting up a storm on action research for health

Friday, 21 Aug 2015

We were delighted to be asked to sit on the panel for yesterday's Twitter chat on people-centred research methods for health systems. It was a great event which was made possible by very professional behind the scenes support from Mariam Bhacker, Erlyn Macarayan, and Farzana Nawaz of Health Systems Global. Three cheers for the social media team!

Sally Theobald speaks

Our colleague Sally said:

"Key learning from the twitter chat about people-centred approaches included the importance of partnerships with policy makers, health workers (including close to community providers, such as Community Health Workers) and communities in order to develop trusting relationships to underpin the co-production of knowledge. Common methods and approaches to support partnership included action research, quality improvement cycles and participatory approaches. Common to these is a systematic approach to to data collection, problem identification, a team approach to analysis and developing locally developed solutions that are relevant in context and owned by key players to support sustainability. There were lots of exciting synergies and both panellists and participants welcomed the opportunity to share challenges and opportunities of using people centred-approaches in different contexts."

Learn more

If you know how to navigate Twitter you can follow discussions by searching for the hashtag #HSR2015. If micro-blogging is not your cup of tea then there are a number of resources that you can refer to:

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