Stakeholder meeting in Iringa Tanzania

Thursday, 20 Aug 2015

On the 19 August the Tanzania PERFORM dissemination workshop took place in Iringa with 57 participants. These included the coordinator of district health services as well as representatives from the Ministry of Health, the Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS) and NetworkPlus of Women living with HIV/AIDS.

Participants agreed that together they would produce: An executive summary of PERFORM’s work for the Ministry of Health on how to strengthen district performance and a concept paper how to train trainers and scale up the PERFORM approach to other districts in Tanzania.

Key issues discussed during the meeting (which will be covered in the executive summary for the Ministry of Health) included:

1)      How can the bundle approach address challenges of service delivery in different areas?

2)      How can the action research method be used as method to strengthen Quality Improvement (QI) teams in health facilities?

3)      How can diaries be used as management tool to record activities and promote reflection in the district teams?

4)      What can be done to address the late disbursement of annual district funds which affects the performance of districts?

5)      How can district leadership issues be addressed to strengthen governance and performance in the district?

6)      How can ad hoc activities of Council Health Management Teams be avoided or managed in a productive way?

The Council Health Management Teams proposed that exchange and learning between district teams should be facilitated in each country through face to face meetings and online exchanges including the sharing of experiences between countries.