PERFORM Researchers meet in their districts for national workshops

Tuesday, 16 Oct 2012

PERFORM researchers in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda are busy with their preparations for the first National Workshop, where each Country Research Team will develop and initial Situation Analysis for performance in their study districts.

The national workshops will support the DHMT members in the study districts to analyse their performance and develop problem statements and a problem tree for analysis. The Country Research Team will then work with the DHMT to identify bundles of HR / HS strategies to address those problems. This is the first part of their action research cycle.

In Ghana, Principal Investigator Dr Moses Aikins and his team are conducting their research in Kwahu West, Akwapim North and Upper Manya Krobo.

In Kwahu West, the DHMT has identified poor implementation of the new vaccine schedule (PCV) as one of their key problems and has prioritised strengthening and intensifying supportive supervision, and having proper logistics planning for outreach services as their key strategies for improvement.

In Akwapim North, poor staff performance in epidemiology was identified as a key issue affecting health worker performance. The team there has agreed that conducting refresher training on monitoring and supervision will help to resolve this issue.

Finally, in Upper Manya Krobo the DHMT idenitifed low availability and utilization of antenatal care services as a key problem affecting health worker performance. Their team has decided to strengthen supportive supervision and build capacity in order to address their problem.

Early in 2013, the PERFORM researchers will go back to the districts to do further work with the DHMTs on identifying strategies to improve the performance of their workforce.